Gweduck Amphibian Seaplane



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Gweduck Amphibian Aircraft

The Gweduck is an experimental, twin engine flying-boat style amphibian of composite construction and is reminiscent of the Grumman style aircraft. Aircraft development started in the early 1990's and has focused on a broad range of issues including aircraft performance and handling as well as manufacturing technologies.

The Gweduck design project was started as an attempt to build a composite Widgeon - To eliminate the extensive corrosion and maintenance problems so common to the 40+ year old design. Over time the project developed into a ground-up redesign of a completely new aircraft that combines the knowledge and experience of 1940's & 50's flying boat designs with modern composite construction, and the latest in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic technologies.

Many people have expressed an interest in the project and this website hopefully will answer your questions about the aircraft and its development progress. The website will be updated periodically, however our primary focus is on completing the aircraft and flying it. We have included an email address in our contact section if you need to communicate with us, however it may be several days before we respond. In any case we look forward to meeting with you at future air shows when the aircraft is flying!


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